Afternoon at Leisure
(oil, 45cm x 70cm)

At Harvest
(oil, 37cm x 65cm)

(oil, 45cm x 70cm)

Before Rain
(oil, 45cm x68cm)

Before the Harvest
(48cm x 70cm)

Beneath Hills
(oil, 50cm x 72cm)

Blissful Country
(oil, 50cm x 68cm)

By the River
(oil, 40cm x 60cm)

Country side

Froggs` Magic
(oil, 45cm x 68cm)

(oil, 48cm x66cm).

Little and Large
(oil,46cm x 68cm)
Orchards by River
(oil, 45cm x 73cm)

Out of Town

Over the Hills and Far Away...
(oil, 44cm x 72cm)

(oil, 45cm x 68cm)

Picnic Place
(oil, 45cm x 70cm)
Rich Earth
(oil, 32cm x 65cm)

Safer Together
(oil,40cm x 60cm)

Across Fields
(oil, 39cm x 70cm)

Aroma of Childhood
(oil, 40cm x 60cm)

Autumn Colours
(oil, 34cm x 60cm)

(oil, 45cm x 65cm)

Birds` Paradise
(oil, 50cm x 60cm)

Gods Gift
(oil,41cm x 68cm)