(oil, 45cm x 72cm)

View of the Lake
(oil, 16 x 20inch)

Virgin Nature
(oil, 40cm x 60cm)

Whispering Trees
(oil, 40cm x60cm)

(oil, 48cm x68cm)

(oil, 40cm x 68cm)

(oil, 45 x 70cm)

Summer`s Day
(oil, 50cm x 68cm)

Symphony of Colours
(oil, 45cm x 65cm)

Valley of my Dreams
(oil 51cm x61cm)

Cold Magic
(oil, 41cm x 50cm)

Fairy Story
(oil, 40cm x 60cm)

Heavy Day
(oil, 44cm x 68 cm)

Hills I
(oil,41cm x 66cm)

In Flight
(oil, 38cm x 52cm)g

(oil, 44cm x 70cm)

Peaceful Nature
(oil, 43cm x 66cm)

Quiet Scene
(oil, 45cm x 62cm)

Shades of Orange
(oil, 40cm x 59cm)

Village in the Distance
(oil, 45cm x 68cm)

Village under the Mountains

At Noon
(oil, 60cm x 80cm)

Beach I
(oil, 61cm x 91cm)

Cleaning the Rake
(oil, 50cm x 70cm)

(oil, 45cm x 65cm)