Irena Braun


From her critics:

"… She represents within the history of Art of this century a further example of irrepressible inspiration, which is inseparable from the essence of ones personality…"

"The unique artistic language of BRAUN offers pure and gentle responses to nature, and its potential harmony is masterfully transferred onto hardboard or canvas."

"The all important is the moment when one is moved by a feeling, by an emotion…
Pure expressionism is present only as an incidental element, not a controlled statement…"

"Included as a creative process of contemplation immersed in soft, almost melancholic lyricism, yet achieving strong, accurate, personal, and honest form, most definitely without any superficial mood or sentimentality."

"…radiating natural warmth and honesty with a total absence of any artificial elements; - at the same time, technically accurate observations and clearly presented forms…"

"At first sight, the painter appears to accept only the descriptive function of art. However, the observer may realize, upon deeper consideration of the paintings, that he is viewing a statement of an artist with a sensitive imagination and an aesthetic experience, stylishly feeling the rhythm, lines, features, light and shadows."

Irena Braun:

E-mail: irenalb@zahav.net.il

Mobile: 972-5474-88852


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